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Step into the realm of Ubora OpEx Solutions, where creativity and experience combine, providing you with a platform to innovate transformative solutions for businesses all over the world. We focus on strategic guidance to redefine success- we pride ourselves on being more than consultants. 

Mr. Mungecho Simon, our founder and Managing director, established Ubora OpEx in early 2020. Due to our accomplishments, we are regarded as a reliable firm that can solve complex problems and produce significant results. Our strategy is based on a 3-legged stool, symbolizing our dedication to Quality, Excellence and Superiority. Ubora OpEx Solution, LLC, a reputable consultancy firm, has swiftly extended its global presence by utilizing reliability and expertise cultivated in the United States.

Come abroad as we strive for excellence and long-term success, promoting collaboration and innovation and propelling your business towards a future filled with boundless possibilities.

“Ubora” is a Swahili word that encompasses the “three-dimensional” approach that we’ve adopted. Ubora OpEx Solutions, LLC, was established early 2020, with a vision of empowering businesses become operationally self-sustaining and create value at the same time.

According to Mr. Mungecho, Simon; Founder and Managing Director, Ubora’s key pillars; Quality, Excellence, and Superiority; are symbolically represented by the 3-legged stool, traditionally adored by many Kenyan communities.

Throughout this time, we have grown to be a reputable and trusted consultancy here in USA and growing fast internationally. We bring our global experience to help leading businesses solve complex problems, often at times of major change or growth.

Our team truly appreciates the challenges in leading and managing successful organizations and projects in constantly evolving and competitive business landscapes. We partner with clients to ensure engagement outcomes are integrated with the overall business and our client’s strategic direction.

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Our Core Values

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