Learning Organization eBook

In the context of Lean and Six Sigma, a learning organization is one that promotes continuous learning, adaptation, and improvement. Continuing the virtuous circle, concrete processes provide opportunities for leaders to behave in ways that foster learning and to cultivate that behavior in others.


Product Description

Organizational research over the past two decades has revealed three broad factors that are essential for organizational learning and adaptability:
  • A supportive learning environment,
  • Concrete learning processes and practices, and
  • Leadership behavior that provides reinforcement.
According to Peter M. Senge, there are 5 major principles learning organizations should follow in order to be successful: Systems thinking, Personal mastery, Mental models, Shared vision and Team learning This eBook discusses keys to success in Learning organizations, what’s required, building blocks that reinforce learning organization, disciplines of a learning organization, key benefits, etc. When employees are highly engaged and driven to accumulate knowledge about their work, their field, and their company, they not only feel well-equipped to excel in their roles, but they become more productive. Increased efficiency means more resolutions, reduced costs and boosting profits in the long run.