Performance Improvement eBook

Performance improvement as principle relates to the systematic improvement of a business process, function, or procedures with the objective of improving overall outcomes. Performance improvement in this sense is not referring to performance improvement plans (PIPs) used to make sure an employee is back on track and able to perform effectively as expected.


Product Description

Performance improvement is systemic process of identifying causes of performance issues within your organization and implementing solutions to resolve them and helps ensure solutions are ideal for issues at hand. Performance improvement occurs at any level of the business and focuses on business process, evaluates ways to improve them with the aim of improve entire business bottom line. This eBook identifies steps that a business can successively implement and in return expect better outputs, increased efficiencies, reduction on overall cost, and improve quality of its products and services. ✓ Business can target one or more processes at the same time. Regardless of the process prioritized for performance improvement, every process improved helps to make an organization more agile, leaner, more efficient, safer, and more profitable.