Leadership Skills-Training eBook

Today’s business environment is not only competitive on products and services but highly dependent on leaders with good management skills, industry experience, and proficiencies in personal skills such as agility, listening, presentation, strategic thinking, collaboration, inspiration, ability to assess future trends, and very importantly, communication.


Product Description

Leadership style refers to a leader’s way of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people and empowering others. Good leaders: ✓ Understand how to use the correct leadership style for a given situation, and how to manage in difficult circumstances. ✓ Help individuals recognize and maximize their full potential as team members, coach them and train them to be successful. ✓ Energize and engage people by helping them create a meaningful sense of purpose and direction in their work. This eBook highlights how businesses can develop effective leaders, increase depth of skills and knowledge of their employees, and create a learning organization to accelerate business growth Leadership training allows businesses to: ✓ Improve bottom-line financial performance. ✓ Attract and retain talent. ✓ Drive strategy execution. ✓ Increase success in navigating change.